ATM Cards (Murray State Bank Cash Card)

Conduct transactions anytime – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Murray State Bank is a member of CIRRUS, INTERLINK, and NETS worldwide systems. Therefore you can use our machines or any of the thousands of other machines. 

  • ATM account access for deposit and withdrawal
  • ATM fund transfers from savings to checking accounts
  • ATM fund transfers from checking to savings accounts
  • ATM access for account balance information

Fees: FREE at Murray State Bank machines. Fees may be imposed per transaction or balance inquiry made at ATMs we do not own or operate.

A New Way to Pay, A New Way to Get Cash

Murray State Bank Visa Debit Card

Faster And Easier Than Writing Checks
Simply present the Visa Debit Card to any Visa merchant or any participant in the point-of-sale network shown on your card. It's a convenient way to avoid carrying your checkbook or cash.

Gives You A Better Way To Keep Track of Your Purchases

A description of every card purchase you make appears on your regular monthly checking statement. Also, merchant receipts for each purchase help you to easily balance your monthly statements.

Accepted Where Checks Aren't

It's not always easy to pay by check when you're away from home. Even in your local area, places like restaurants may not accept checks. Your Visa Debit Card provides an alternative.

Offers You Cash Access Around The World

The Visa Debit Card lets you get cash all over the world at any ATM displaying the symbols on the back of your card or at any financial institution displaying the Visa symbol.

Visa Debit Cards are available to qualified Murray State Bank customers with good credit history.

LOST/STOLEN CARDS: To report a lost/stolen card-call Murray State Bank 1-402-235-2351 immediately. After hours Contact Us

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